Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Race During the Civil War

Hello, this blogs topic is about race in America, like always. This one is special though, this time period was the civil war. This was a huge point in time for race in America. One of the biggest reasons for the war was slavery. The divided between whites and African Americans was never more prominent than this time. African Americans during this time period got three very important Amendments added to the Constitution. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. They freed slaves, gave African Americans citizenship, and gave them the right to vote. In the article,  Susan Mary-Grant talks about black soldiers during the war. She describes how both races of troops felt. The war was described as "the white man's war". Black troops did not want to fight in this war, but some had to. Others fought for their freedom. Southern fighters had to worry about Union soldiers fighting them and slaves trying to escape to the north from the south. After the civil war African Americans got many more rights, as described by the new amendments. This made the country as a whole become one. Thank you for reading my blog!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Race in America in 2016

 I am a high school  student and i attend Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, VA. This blog is part of Loudoun County's One to the World initiative. We were giving 6 themes to choose from for our blogs. The theme that i chose is race. I chose race for a few reasons, one is because it has been a large part of american history. We had African American slaves and even after we ended slavery there was  still segregation present. Another reason is because racism is still present in america today. There are people out there that dislike people just because of their race or religion. Now a days there are a lot of stereotypes for many different types of people, which I think starts with a little bit of racism. This is an interesting topic for me because majority of my friends are of a different race. Around here we don't typically see much racism because it is such a diverse area, but in many other places i know racism is present today. Below is a link to an article that talks about why black lives matter. BLM is a large movement in America today because of all the African American people being killed by police officers in America.

In this article he talks about Donald Trump. There is one big discussion about who we want the next president to be "A racist or a criminal?" There is much talk about Trump and wondering what his true thoughts on African American people are. Winship states that black lives matter now and is such a big topic because of how little they have mattered in the past. I agree with Winship that the reason black lives matter is because that they have mattered so little before with slavery and discrimination. even though him and I are both white we both understand the concept of black lives matter.